Wife Is Mad Husband Left Tree Stump Despite Asking Him To Do So. Then He Removes The Bag


We can all agree that doing yard work is a pain when you’d rather be doing something else. While sometimes it is fun to get outside and mow the lawn, on those days when you’d rather just sit outside in the lawn chair drinking a beer, it can be a hassle to say the least.

But while ordinary yard maintenance is a struggle enough, having to do specialty work can really cut into your relaxation time. That’s one of the main reasons we skip chores like weed pulling and raking leaves until the last minute or when the in-laws are coming to visit.

Back in April 2015, Mimi realized that a tree in her yard was getting dangerous. It was old and might fall onto her home in a windstorm. So her husband cut down the tree in the yard and left the stump. At first she was annoyed that the ugly stump was still sitting around their front yard. But then Mimi got an idea and she decided to get creative…

Out of the blue, an ingenious and adorable idea came to her. She was going to create a “Gnome Tree Stump House.” So she went to her local dollar store and hardware shop to get all the pieces she would need to make her dream tiny home a reality.

With the help of her husband who put his woodworking skills to use again, Mimi designed and created a cure little house perfect for a garden gnome. And to make the moment even more special, she decided to film the process and put the entire project on YouTube for other people to see.

Since the video was published in June 2015, more than 2 million people have tuned in to see the incredibly detailed tree stump house for Mimi’s garden gnomes. According to the video’s description:

The “Tree Stump House” was “a project hubby and i have started a couple months ago. I put the finishing touches on it this weekend. I thought you would like to see what we created.”

While most other people would simply cut down the old tree and then remove the stump, Mimi wanted to try out something special. So she told her husband to leave the stump and then she got to work creating the cute little gnome home you see in the clip below.

As you can guess, crafters and homemakers from across the country have written in to tell Mimi that they absolutely love the adorable tree stump house.

Here’s what some of the dozens of commenters wrote on YouTube:

“Wow, I love this!!!  We had a huge tree totally taken down years ago as it’s was getting really bad.  I wanted a stump left but it was too bad.  We two did a beautiful job, absolutely the cutest thing!!!”

“That is BEAUTIFUL, but your hubby made one small mistake with that roof!  That piece of aluminum flashing NEEDED to be placed AFTER he put the next to last row of “shingles” on the roof.”

To this comment, Mimi personally responded with: “I guess you could tell he’s not a roofer. However, after a year and a half, the roof is still intact and no complaints from the Gnomes yet. Thanks for watching.”

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