She Braids Her Hair Under Her Chin. It Looks Odd, But It’s Actually Brilliant…

When you have long hair, it can be hard to keep it tame. If you have a hectic lifestyle, the last thing you have time for is blow drying and styling your hair every morning.

What you need is a quick, nifty up do that will make you look super cute in an instant!

We all know how to do a simple hair braid. They are the perfect way to keep long hair neat, tidy and pretty. However, sometimes, just a simple braid can be pretty boring. So I have found the perfect way to revamp that plait!

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The longer your hair is, the harder it can be, because there’s so much more to braid and if you make one move wrong, you totally mess the whole braid up. If you know someone with really long hair who is always struggling to braid their hair properly, this technique could help.

This woman found a way to braid really long hair easily and efficiently, simply by starting the braid underneath her chin. It looks totally weird, but the result will blow your mind!


This lets her look into the mirror so that she can get it right. Here’s how you do it – give it a go, it’s pretty simple once you start!


Once she has done the braid under her chin, she does the most incredible thing.

Once the job is done, she just has to slide the braid back over her head and you won’t believe the result.


She grabs the plait from the bottom and flips over her head. It all becomes clear in the clip below, but here is the amazing result!

This is fascinating, right? It looks so beautiful and is a little different from the ordinary plait we are used to seeing!

Watch the clip below to see the model do this cool hairstyle in a matter of minutes:

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