If You Are Considering A Flu Shot This Year Read This Warning First!


Millions of people run to get flu shots each season hoping that it will prevent them from getting sick. To the contrary, the flu shot may be more dangerous to the person’s health that just winging it would be. A myriad of reasons to fear the flu shot exist. One of them is that it actually lowers the body’s defenses instead of building them up. The vaccine is full of harmful substances.

Mercury is the substance that is said to be the cause of many cases of child autism. The vaccine contains a large amount of mercury. The vaccine also contains several other harmful substances that can leave users sicker than they were to begin with. One side effect that people could have from the flu shot is an increased chance of getting conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, cardiovascular problems, narcolepsy and other issues. It seems as if the best thing to do is for the person to take care of himself or herself better to prevent getting sick from the flu.


Many people are starting to take old-school measures to prevent the flu instead of trusting in these other methods. One tip for preventing the flu is to wash one’s hands frequently or use hand sanitizer. Hand sanitizer helps to prevent germs from causing a person from picking up bacteria. Workers should be mindful of their environments and try not to be around other sick persons. Watch the video to learn more about the flu shot’s harmful potential.