Doctors miraculously save 14-week-old baby’s life. Mom thanks each of them in incredible fashion


Ten years ago, Kellie Haddock had her first child, and life couldn’t get any better. She and AJ, her husband, were on top of the world, because they had always dreamed of having a baby boy. However, when their son Elie was fourteen weeks old, disaster struck in the form of a horrific car accident. AJ died on impact, and Eli was severely injured. The video below tells the story of Kellie’s heartbreaking story.

Although it might seem sad at first, the ten years following the accident have been an amazingly uplifting journey thanks to all the people that helped save her baby boy.

When we saw this video, we at Shareably were simply stunned by how Kellie’s personality and character. She’s overwhelmingly positive given the tragedy she witnessed, and her kind spirit is contagious. Her story reminded us that it’s very important to step back and appreciate all beautiful things we have to live for. Kellie is the perfect role model for demonstrating gratitude to those that have had a profound impact on others. It’s wonderful to see the medical professionals’ reactions to Kellie introducing herself as Eli’s mother. These everyday heroes often don’t get the praise that they deserve.

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[Source: ArnoldPalmerHospital]