Couple adopt triplets, finds out they’re pregnant with twins 1 week after adoption


Sarah and Andy Justice, a couple from Oklahoma, have spent over three years trying to have a baby. Without having much luck and wanting to be parents, the couple decided to take the adoption route. After speaking to various mothers and families, they were finally chosen by a birth mother. Sarah then accompanied the mother to her ultrasound, and they received great news. She was pregnant with triplets! Sarah and Andy couldn’t be happier as they had always wanted to kids, and now they were about to adopt triplets.

But the surprise didn’t just end there. One week after the triplets were born, Sarah found out some surprising and stunning news. It turns out, she was pregnant, too! But not with just one baby… she was about to have twins of her own. The Justices now grew from a family of 5 to a family of 7 within a matter of nine months. Sarah and Andy were about to raise 5 babies all at once. While it will prove to be difficult at times, I can only imagine how rewarding it will feel at the end.

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