Car Shops Wanted To Charge Too Much Money, So He Comes Up With Brilliant DIY Fix [Photos]


In the middle of Asian in the Russian republic of Altai, which is nestled between Mongolia and Kazakhstan, an SUV accidentally rammed into a man’s car. The incident left his driver’s side door with a massive scrape and dent. But instead of getting angry, he decided to turn the damage into a work of art.

Since the car crash wasn’t his fault, he pocketed the insurance money and took out a marker instead of taking the car to the auto body repair shop. Then with the pen he started drawing lines on his door. Now he’s driving around town with an amazing work of art on his driver’s side door.

The man, who was wearing camouflaged military attired while he worked, spent some time dreaming about what he wanted to see on the side of his door. He certainly didn’t want the ugly scrape and dent to be there, visible for all to witness.

After looking at the dent for long enough, he though it resembled something familiar. And then he put the permanent marker to the car door and drew a line.

As he continued to work, someone came up behind him and started photographing his process. By the time he was done, he had created a beautiful sketch that ended up being a map of the region. Talk about turning lemons into lemonade.

Because the accident wasn’t his fault, the other driver stepped up and offered to pay for the damage.

So not only will this guy be driving around with this awesome piece of art on his car door, he basically got paid to do it too.

Some people love what this guy did to his car:

“Looks to me like he took lemons and made lemonade… I applaud him for his ingenuity!”

Other people think he should turn his skill for drawing into a more lucrative project. Perhaps he could create artwork that he could actually sell since he is good at the craft.

“Ridiculous. To do that to ur car? Guy needs a hobby”

“Why ridiculous…… like you say his car …… Thank God there a lighthearted ppl in the world”

Here’s what he wrote about his project on Facebook. The words have been translated into English:

“How to paint a nuisance? Judging by the photo shows how the neighbor unceremoniously rode into my [car]. The owner bought a door and paid for the necessary work…By coincidence, in May, I can’t change the door. The [shop] is busy, yes and I went to the altai mountains. Accordingly, the whole month of these patterns must hide in my car.

“Three circumstances encourage me to address a temporary issue:

1 Impressions from the mountains!

2 Door in any case is under the replacement.

3 in the crew attended tattoo artist.

“Found in the local general store permanent marker, and creativity! The idea was to transform all the dents and scratches in the elements of the image. In the end I had this. I can tell you right now, only been used a black magic marker. Light Gray mountains gives landscape dents. White clouds – scratch. There’s a bad show, but even the furthest lake blue from auto paint spots. That’s all. Keep going, The Altai Mountains is waiting for us!”

Do you think he needs a hobby or was this a cool project?

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